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    DefaultHowdy from Northern Ohio

    Wow, i'm so thrilled that I found this place. My name is Jackie and i'm 33 and live in northern Oh, about 30 minutes West of Cleveland. I am a 5th grade teacher and have been married for 9 years. DH and I do not want children so we decided to fill our home with furbabies. as soon as we bought our first home, we brought home our first labrador, abbey. i come from a labby family, as does DH so it was our sole choice to bring this breed into our loving home. she is a yellow english breed lab with a big block head and an equally big heart. she is our lazy girl. she recently had double ACL reconstruction surgery on both hind knees but it was well worth the money to see her using her back leg freely without limping. i would have paid twice as much just to see her running around again like a puppy. she is 7 years old and still has a ton of years a head of her.

    when abbey was 3, i went through the puppy phase again and wanted abbey to have a sister to spend part of the day with when DH and i were at work. we drove about an hour out of our way to pick out cinder from another breeder and took abbey with us to make sure she was okay with having a little one around. we went back 2 weeks later in the worst snow storm of that year to pick up Cinder. she is a black sporting breed so she is tall, skinny, and lanky and has a ton of energy, even at 4 years old. she would play for hours with no rest if we let her. she is 80 pounds of lapdog and more or less worships DH.

    both girls get along famously and with abbey's surgery, it broke my heart to see cinder moping around the house looking for her buddy. i'm starting to get the puppy itch again (it would be nice to have a chocolate one this time to wear cinder out) but we just don't have the room. my dream is to own a ton of land and have a ton of labs to walk around the property with but that will be a few more decades. right now, i'm paying for abbey's surgery and busy making sure both my girls get lots of love and attention every day. i'm glad to be here and hope to make a lot of labby friends.

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    DefaultRe: Howdy from Northern Ohio

    Welcome to the board from NC! ;D

    Sounds like you've got two beautiful babies there. Your sig picture is adorable!

    Hope Abbey continues to recover.

    Enjoy your stay! Can't wait to see more pictures!

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    DefaultRe: Howdy from Northern Ohio


    I hope Abbey is running about with her mate soon.

    I have dial up so siggy pics turned off. I am sure I will see pics of your beautiful fur babies soon.

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    DefaultRe: Howdy from Northern Ohio

    Welcome from WI; great to have you & your two on the board!
    You'll love it here!

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    DefaultRe: Howdy from Northern Ohio

    Welcome to the forum. I hope Abbey hass a speedy recovery

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    DefaultRe: Howdy from Northern Ohio

    cute dogs, i grew up about an hour away from you in toledo.


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