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    Hi everyone, well, here's my story. We lost our 2 labs last year, our pup was hit by a car and momma was stolen opening of pheasant season. Needless to say, we've been a very sad and lonely family. My husband and his buddy went up north weekend of 1/13 with a team of halfingers to get broke and cart trained by the Amish and my husband inquired about a small lab they had on the farm. It was limping and very very skittish/shy. The amish kids told my husband that someone had dropped her off at their farm the week before and if he wanted her, he could take her because they had enough dogs and he could take her if he wanted her. Well, they spent the day there and were ready to leave, when the kids came running up to my husband saying "Don't forget your dog mister". Getting her into the truck was another matter and she ended up getting away from them and they could not catch her and she finally ran off on the farm and hubby thought he would never see her again. Well, they went back the next day with another horse and the dog was there playing with the other dogs. The kids were able to catch her and put her in the truck and home he came with this poor dog that I believe was abused. She would not come in or out a door without being tugged through it, she was holding her left rear leg up and was very very hesitant to come near anyone. Well, it's been just over a week and she's doing amazingly better. She has no problem coming in or out a door and has only had 1 accident in the house, she still runs to her kennel if she gets scared but mostly sleeps in our room with us. No shoe is safe as I guess her age to be about 8 months, but she's doing remarkable. The vet verified her age to be about 8 months and that her leg is ok, just to give it some time. She almost hardly limps at all anymore. We had a houseful of people over last Saturday and everyone fell in love with her, she is so calm and loves the attention, especially that from my 5 year old stepdaughter. So, here's my question, although upon looking at her, she is totally black with a small star on her chest, behind her ears and on her hind quarters, the undercoat of hair looks to be blonde??? I wonder what she could be mixed with? I'll send pic's later today and see if I can capture what I'm talking about....thanks for any info you might have!!!

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    sorry to hear about the loss of your other dogs.. that is so sad. But I am glad to hear about your recent rescue. So do you have a name for her yet? Its hard to say what she might be mixed with without seeing her conformation. Somtimes its easier to point out by the shape of their bodies and head. That is if she isn't a true mutt with a little of every breed in her, lol. Well congrats on the new family member, it sounds like she is working out well for you guys. Can't wait to see a pic of her.

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    What a lovely story. I know what it is like to loose a wonderful Lab. But two.. I can't even imagine how heart breakeing that must have been.

    thank you for sharing your story. It is hot here, but reading it made me feel shivery then warm to know she is in safe hands.

    Look forward to seeing pics.

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