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    DefaultHello from Alabama

    Hey guys I'm Josh and this is my first post ever and I'm very excited about this website. I love labradors. I used to own a chocolate lab, but now I have a three year-old yellow lab named Buck. I would love to show you guys pictures of him but I'm not sure how. If anyone could reply with information or advice I would be very grateful.


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    DefaultRe: Hello from Alabama

    Welcome to the board!! Great to have you and Buck here.
    I also have a 3 yr old (well will be 3 in April) yellow lab, can't wait to see pictures of Buck!!

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    Mybabymambo Guest

    DefaultRe: Hello from Alabama

    Welcome, I think there is a post about how to post. I am trying to find it and I wil post a link. I signed up for an imagecave account at imagecave.com. from there it was easy to post pictures. Good luck. Cant wait to see pictures.

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    DefaultRe: Hello from Alabama

    Welcome Josh! I'm in northeast Alabama! Can't wait to see pictures of Buck!

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    DefaultRe: Hello from Alabama

    Welcome from WI; great to have you on the board!
    I think there is a post in the Best Advice on how to post pictures. Mybabymambo gave a good picture hosting site, there is also photobucket.com that is used a lot.
    You'll love this board & become addicted fast like the rest of us are!

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    DefaultRe: Hello from Alabama

    Welcome Josh.

    Here is how I post my pics.
    I use Shutterfly or Picture Trail. Others use other places.
    It is free to sign up and then you load your pics onto there.
    Right click properties, the highlite the URL Copy this to your mouse. Not sure if you knew all this, but in case you don't.

    Then when you reply to a message you click the box ( second from the left under the Bold Italics, Underline boxes under message icon). This will bring up this on the page.

    [img]http://[/img] Where the dash is flashing you click paste. And there you have it. On the page will be numbers but pic will come up when you post.. You can test in the testing grounds. Hope this helps.If you need more help just ask.
    We look forward to seeing you pics.

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