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    DefaultHi we're new

    I just wanted to say hi! I am the proud mommy to a chocolate lab named jake. We adopted him from our local animal shelter after he had been there for two weeks. I would have adopted him right away but it took some begging to my husband before he finally agreed. Now though Jake is our baby and we wouldn't trade him for the world.

    We are estimating that he is almost three years old. We have had him for almost two years. He loves to go bye bye and eat treats. He seems to be new to swimming, which I thought was odd, he seemed to be alittle scared at first but after mom and dad got in he loved it. He started spinning around getting out and running back in the water, it was hilarious.

    I am glad to have found some others who love their dogs as much as we love ours.
    My dog is my best friend!!!

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    DefaultRe: Hi we're new

    Hi, and welcome to you and Jake! Glad the begging worked so well...........

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    Welcome to JL!


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