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    DefaultHello from Central PA

    Hello all! I found this site after surfing the net. I currently have two lab puppies, both male and from the same litter. I was going to give one of them to my father-in-law, but after bringing them home, I could not bear to seperate them. I decided to adopt them after having emptiness around the house. I previously had a black lab named Apollo who passed away at the age of two this past may. So needless to say, Hunter who is a black labrador and Tucker who is a yellow labrador are a bundle of fun. They seem to keep each other entertained and provide hours and hours of fun and laughter for my wife and I. I have posted a few picks of Hunter and Tucker under the picture part of this site. Great to meet all of you!!! ;D
    Rory and Lisa<br /><br />Hunter and Tucker (6 mo.)<br /><br />

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    DefaultRe: Hello from Central PA

    Hello and Welcome to you, Hunter and Tucker!!
    <br />Beau &amp; Nikko

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    DefaultRe: Hello from Central PA

    Hello & Welcome from SE PA!
    <br />ZORA

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    DefaultRe: Hello from Central PA

    Welcome to you, Hunter & Tucker from Long Island, NY!


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