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    DefaultHello from Ohio

    New to just labs.* We have a yellow lab named Paige, 16 months old.* I had several dogs growing up, different breeds and mixed breeds, all good dogs, so this is the first lab.* My husband thinks we are too old for such a rambunctious dog, however we are extremely active.* She is a very sweet dog, but she does have a dark side which we are trying to deal with to the tune of $1000.* So far it hasn't worked.* However I am glad to find a website with owneras of the same breed of dog to learn about others experiences. I love Paige more than any dog I ever had in spite of her problems. Thank goodness She was there at some time when I needed company and there was no one else.In any event I am so glad to have found this site and the pictures are wonderful. In fact one is my screen saver.

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    DefaultRe: Hello from Ohio

    Hi Angeline, and welcome to you and Paige! Plenty of experiences on this board to read up on.

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    DefaultRe: Hello from Ohio

    Hi Angeline and Paige, Welcome to JL.

    Unless you are over 90years old I don't think you are too old for a Lab. My friends mother is 93 and she has the biggest lab I have ever seen and has no problem keeping up with him.

    I am small and my mother often asks why don't I get a small dog. My answer is always best dogs in the world and I am sure I will have one at 70.

    The dark side sounds interesting. Many of us have naughty ones, we all love them dearly, and if you need company when there is no one else you can't beat them.

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    DefaultRe: Hello from Ohio

    Welcome to the forum

    ~Michele,Mugs & Sassy~


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