two labradors in nyc
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Thread: two labradors in nyc

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    Defaulttwo labradors in nyc

    Hi. I live in NYC with my wife, son, and two great labs- one male 9yrs, one female 7yrs. The two dogs get along great, love my son, and are generrally a true joy.

    However, My female dog has in the past month exhibited a disturbing behavior:

    She refuses to leave our apartment building

    At first she insisted on running into the street do her necessities and run back in. Now I have to pull her out of the elevator. When We make it outside she takes care of her necessities and then , with the strengh of Samson, pulls back in.

    Nothing to my untrained eye has happened outside that scared her. A vet suggested giving her bufferin for possible arthritis, but that hasn't helped. She use to love a leisurely walk in our neighborhood park, and I can't understand this behavior. Two facts that may be helpful: she was trained to be a guiding eye dog, but "was afraid of opening umbrellas", and I walk the dogs (for years now) with a two leash prong. She's alwaysbeen a bit high-strung but nothing like this.

    I am at wits end, please help!!! :-\

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    DefaultRe: two labradors in nyc

    Hello and Welcome.

    I am sorry I have no advice...maybe post in Lab Chat where there are more readers.
    I hope you find suggestions to help you.
    <br />Beau &amp; Nikko

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    DefaultRe: two labradors in nyc

    Welcome to the forum. No advice either - but good idea to post in Just Labs forum or training ?

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    DefaultRe: two labradors in nyc

    Hi Welcome.

    I am sorry I don't have any ideas to help either. As everyone has said. If you post in Lab chat I am sure you will get a good response.

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