female dominance problem?
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Thread: female dominance problem?

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    Defaultfemale dominance problem?

    hello from texas!!!

    i have three labs, one of each color, all three are female. the past three days my black and yellow have been attacking each other, reason unknown. does anyone know anything about dominance problems, or how can i stop them from hurting each other without separation? i love my babies and don't want them to get hurt. the black is 3 and the yellow is 1 1/2. the yellow growls and the black attacks.

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    DefaultRe: female dominance problem?

    Welcome to the forum.

    You should definitely post this problem in the "Training Tips and Puppy Advice" forum (and maybe also in "Lab Chat" because of the heavy traffic there).

    This sounds like a serious problem that you might need professional help for. Aggression between 2 females relatively close in age can potentially get very bad (even fatal) if something isn't done. Without knowing the details, it sounds like the yellow is coming into her own as she matures from adolescence into adulthood and is challanging the black for dominance. Obviously the black is not tollerating this and is aggressively defending her dominant position. I assume that the black is the alpha bitch in the pack, the chocolate probably omega, and the yellow is a beta (or alpha wanna-be).

    I'm sure you'll get some good advice on this forum. Good luck.


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    DefaultRe: female dominance problem?

    You're so lucky, I have a black and chocolate and would love to add a yellow! I saw some posts recently about this problem, I think in Lab Chat, true there is much more action there. Welcome


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