Hello Lab lovers! I am new to the board and am aware that there are many American Lab Rescue dog owners that are a part of this forum! Thank you for your continued support! For those of you who do not know us, American Lab Rescue is an all-breed rescue group specializing in Labrador and Labrador mixes. We are an all-volunteer dog rescue group devoted to helping homeless dogs from puppy to senior age find loving homes. We are a small organization and we operate this rescue in our free time aside from full-time jobs and families. Our goal is to find only the best homes for the dogs in our care. Our main concentration is on saving as many dogs as we can from local pounds and shelters and rescue dogs from the south. Overcrowded conditions force early euthanasia for many young dogs and puppies in the south.

Please view our website at www.americanlabrescue.com and welcome a lab in need into your loving lab home even if it is just to help foster a dog in need so that we can save another lab's life!