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Thread: How to Start??? :-)

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    DefaultHow to Start??? :-)


    My name is Jeri. My “first child” and K9 companion is Cody Boy. I got Cody from a byb when he was just shy of 7 weeks old. Cody is now almost 14 y.o. He has been coming to work with me everyday of his life – we are rarely separated. Sadly, Cody suffers from Degenerative myelopathy and I know his time with me is almost over.

    Although I had extreme success (on all levels) with the byb I got Cody from – I have learned quite a bit over the past 14 years and want to establish a relationship with a breeder for our next puppy. We will wait until Cody is gone (I fear a puppy would be too stressful for him) – but I also know it can take months to acquire just the right puppy. So, I thought I would start my search for the right breeder now.

    How to start??? I live in Ventura County, CA. And, I want to get a yellow Lab – just like Cody Boy.

    Thanks for any input!


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    DefaultRe: How to Start??? :-)

    I'm not much help with breeders... but every chance I get I try to promote! You will be amazed how many lab pups there are in need of good homes!

    Trying to help ;D
    Tracy<br />Owned by 2,<br />Shelter worker and Lab rescuer.<br />

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    DefaultRe: How to Start??? :-)

    Hi there!

    I'm so sorry to hear about Cody not doing so well but it sure sounds like he's enjoyed a wonderful life with you! Since you're in Southern California, I highly recommend that you start with a local Labrador Retriever's Club...I'm in So. Ca too and I contacted the Hi Desert Lab Club.

    Click on the link for puppy referrals and Sonja will e-mail you with a list of current and upcoming litters from good-standing members of the club.

    I myself learned A LOT from this board regarding puppy mills vs. commercial breeders vs. byb's vs. reputable breeders. I found my Chloe just within the last few weeks from Sonja's referrals. I still have her e-mail of referrals (that's only a few weeks old) as well as another contact for you (referral from a referral so I haven't done the research myself on this onel) so if you're interested, PM me.

    Good luck!

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    DefaultRe: How to Start??? :-)

    Laura &amp; John<br />Adama - 6 months old<br />

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    DefaultRe: How to Start??? :-)

    Welcome from sunny AZ!!!
    Cadey, mama to Jaida and Bali

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    DefaultRe: How to Start??? :-)

    Welcome to the forum!
    <br />Beau &amp; Nikko


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