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    DefaultHello from Metro Atlanta

    My name is Izzy and I have been lurking here for several months knowning that if I broke down and registered I would never get off. Oh well I guess I know what I will be doing in my spare (and not so spare) time. I have several labs that own me allow me to sleep in their bed and sit on their couches. They make sure I remember my training by reminding me when it is breakfast and dinnertime. Actually they aren't THAT spoiled. Well I say that but please just don't ask my non doggy friends as you will prolly get the truth.

    I have a lot of fun with my dogs. I have even been able to take them to work once in a while. I teach 6th grade and the kids love it. Fortunately they get a lot of socialization from going to shows. They always try and find new ways to embarrass me and it is amazing how they never try the same thing twice but it doesn't stop them from stealing ideas from one another. Once I get back home to my regular computer I will post pics of everyone but to start out here is the list of my puppers:

    Gowan - 8y/o yellow male that is the biggest goose you have on this side of the Mississippi. Loves to look at me when I call him and grin and walk the other way. He is playing deaf as I KNOW he can hear the treat bag open 3 rooms away. He whines in four languages and his eyes are registered as a deadly weapon in 3 states.
    Mabel- 7.5y/o yellow female who is kinda like a 6-pack of soda without the plastic thingy that holds it together. (I know that is bad but she honestly isn't all that smart.) She is the sweetest dog known to man and the most gentle oozer that sneaks into your lap and heart.
    Anna-4y/o female that is THE most jealous girl I have ever owned. She doesn't have a vicious bone in her body but will weasel her way between me and any other dog I am loving on and if it happens while we are in bed then I am in for the dive-bomb of pain as she lands on my chest and face to make sure SHE is the only one that can be loved and yes there are Anna hairs that are permanently lodged in my lungs.
    Molly-3.5y/o black female that is the silliest thing ever. She MUST carry something all the time and if she can't find something to carry then she will put my arm in her mouth and take me through the house to where her toys have gone under the furniture so I can rescue them. She chews like no tomorrow and chewed up 4, count 'em 4, cow femurs in a week!!
    Dory-Almost 2y/o black female who groans when she is being scratched and loved on. She loves to fold herself in half and sleep in the middle of the my antique vanity(the place where you put your legs when you are sitting at it).
    Sake-1y/o yellow female who I miss because she is visiting my handler at the moment but I am going to get her near the end of June. She is little MISS PRISS and thinks she is all that. She knows she looks good and shows it off any chance she gets.

    I also have a foster that I'm working with through the GRRA. (Golden Retriever Rescue of Atlanta) GRRA also rescues labs so I trying to help them out by being a foster home. She is a sweet little girl that has had a rough first few months. she is about 5-6 months old and her name is Karlie. She was dropped off at a local animal control but escaped before her previous owner got her inside and she lived around the building for a couple of days before they could trap her. She is still very timid when she is by herself but just has an explosive personality when she is with other dogs. She has a twizzle on the end of her tail and BOLO marks. I can't believe anyone wouldn't want her and she has got the eyes like my boy. I am sure if I keep her any longer I will have to register her eyes as deadly weapons like Gowan's. I am doing my best in teaching her good doggy habits while still spoiling her silly, as I am sure she never had anyone spoil her before. I took her today for her first adoption day and she has someone interested in being her forever home.

    Well I am going to stop rambling now since this has turned into more of a novel than a introdution. LOL

    IZZY<br />&quot;The gift which I am sending you is called a dog, and is in fact the most precious and valuable possession of mankind.&quot; ~ Theodorus Gaza

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    DefaultRe: Hello from Metro Atlanta

    Hello and Welcome.
    What a great introduction. I love to read about everyone's furkids, and it sound as tho you have your hands full.
    I really do not think there is anyone on this forum who can say that they do not spoil their babies rotten...me included.

    I look forward to seeing pictures of all the furkids soon!!
    <br />Beau &amp; Nikko

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    DefaultRe: Hello from Metro Atlanta

    Welcome from Wisconsin! You sure have your hands full. In a good way! Would love to see pics!

    gia & holly
    gia 17mos

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    DefaultRe: Hello from Metro Atlanta

    Hello and WElcome!!! I second the picture request ;D

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    DefaultRe: Hello from Metro Atlanta

    Hello & Welcome!
    <br /><br />Taz 8 months old..!<br />----------------------------------------------------------------------------------------<br />Please come and visit my blog at mylabtaz.blogspot.com

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    clancey canuck Guest

    DefaultRe: Hello from Metro Atlanta

    Welcome from Barrie, Ontario. We need pics !

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    DefaultRe: Hello from Metro Atlanta

    Hi and welcome to the forum!!
    <br >~Stephanie~<br />AKA Princess Pee Pees

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    DefaultRe: Hello from Metro Atlanta

    Welcome! I'm not far away from you- I go to Clemson.

    Can't wait to see some pics!
    Katherine<br />Charleston, SC<br />

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    DefaultRe: Hello from Metro Atlanta

    Hi and Welcome!

    Love reading about the dogs. I could relate to a little of Riley in each!

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    Tundra Aries Guest

    DefaultRe: Hello from Metro Atlanta

    Welcome from NY! ;D


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