I am Oliverbelt, new member in this community. I need your help.

I am looking to transport to new jersery later this month with my pet. But the problem is that i am afraid of pet scams happening this days. Scams are increasing these days. Recently i hear 500 dogs found dead in a airline going to canada. Althrough i am moving from one state to another in US but there are many more scams that are happening like after pre-payment to pet shipper then refuse to do.

At present i am busy in arranging the documents which are required for pet shipping. Also arranging my lab medical reports. And there are lot more work to do so.

One of my friend recommend me Citizenshipper pet transporting service. And i also check their reviews on google and trustpilot and find it good. But didn't come on a result.
So i want you guys to recommend me a safe pet transporting service provider, they might be costlier but the thing is they must be professional and transport my pet safely.

Thanks in advance.