Where did it go?
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Thread: Where did it go?

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    DefaultWhere did it go?


    Well I did post a little bit of a lengthy message regarding the question I had, also including a background as to why I was asking the question. But apparently there was a problem or something and the post never showed up. I've also noticed that this is a very, very quiet forum and not much activity at all. Maybe a lot of "Looky Loos" but not much else. Not on just my 2 posts that did make the forum, but a lot of other posts from other members as well. Probably no one will even look, let alone respond to this one, which is ok, as this is my last post here.

    No hard feelings, just sorry that this wasn't the forum I had hoped it would be.


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    May be you put your question in wrong section that's why your message deleted.


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