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    I guess I am suppose to post a few notes here in the introductions area before I can submit anything in any other section.

    So a little more about Dakota. Like I said she is 9 1/2 yrs old and has a little brother, who is a cat. She just tolerates him, but they do get along. They really do love each other.jpg His name is Oddball, and for good reasons. But this isn't about him, it is about her.

    We got Dakota when she was just 6 weeks old. She has never been destructive or had any problems being alone in the house when we have had to run into town to go shopping, she is spoiled to the core, but she is loved. She sleeps in the house in the winter and is outside in her area in the early part of the summer until the weather gets too cold for her and she wants to be in. Even then, she will want to go out and stand in the snow longer than what I think is good for her.

    She loves to ride in the truck with us, but she hates going to the Vets. IF she even thinks she is headed that way she starts to whine and cry the rest of the way, unless we take the road to the lake or go off in a different direction all together, then she calms down and enjoys the ride. She totally surprised us one ride as she rolled down her own window. I was afraid she might decide to jump, so we put it up to a safer height and locked it so she couldn't do that again. She is smart.

    When she was 8 months old we sent her to school, where the owners told us she was a bit too smart. She was Alpha over their dogs. The man that trained dogs for hunting decided to take her out one day and said that she loved it. But my husband never used her for sport. She was always at home with us as our companion. She did learn commands and she does know them, but unfortunately we were not always consistent. She will however follow a few that I taught her that I would remember and she follows me, though she was suppose to belong to my husband.

    OK take my picture and get it over with.jpg She humors me and tolerated my insistence for her to wear her Christmas hat, but that was until she got older, now she doesn't want to wear it any more.

    She seems to understand that I am now disabled, I wasn't when we got her. I did have back problems and she would lay against my back when I had to lay down. She would stay with me until I wanted to get up, then she was ready to go outside and do her business and come back in. She respects boundaries and has never tried to jump a fence, not even a baby gate, though I am sure she could if she wanted to. Dakota and Oddballs playroom.jpg

    A few years ago she had TPLO surgery on her right rear leg. We are not sure when she injured it or how, but we took her to the lake one day and she was running around, playing in the water and when we were ready to leave I noticed her limping. Never heard her yelp out at any time during the day, never saw her limp until we were packing up into the truck. We took her to the Vet and got x-rays done on it. They explained everything to us and sent us to another vet further away where she had to have surgery. She did pretty good and didn't fuss with the wrappings nor the confinement she had to be in for awhile until she was well enough to be let out to walk around more. She acted like nothing even happened.

    Well, I guess that is enough for now. I hope you enjoy her pictures and her background story.


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