Help with making a big decision for my dog
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Thread: Help with making a big decision for my dog

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    DefaultHelp with making a big decision for my dog

    Hi , thanks for having me aboard. I have a 12 yr old Choc Lab, 2 months ago we discovered she had a yeast inf in her left ear, tried to clean it from advice of others, didn't help, dog got worse. Went to vet, she had a high temp, paid 232.00 for a visit, med for pain and fever, cream for the inf. and pills for the inf. seemed to get better, but two weeks later she is bad again, back to the vet this am , doc did a swab, and looked in her ear, said she had a mass in there and blood and puss. said they would have to sedate her and get a culture and have it analized . at a cost of over 400.00 . if it was a polope they could remove as much as they could but it would grow back and an ongoing infections would be certain which would be a undetermined amount each and every month till her end. If was the inner ear she was doubtful they could do much for her if at all as it was enclosed in bone.. What would you do? Faced with having to make a dec soon, her appointment is in 2 days......

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    It's up to you what is your heart want to do.

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    Defaultpuppy lover

    Hello sorry am new here,am a pet lover and would like to share and learn more as well.

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    Veterinarians will do the best with your dog.
    Pray the best will come to you and your dog.
    Silence is gold


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