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    Hello, My husband and myself are first time puppy parents. Almost a month ago we rescued an approximately 3 month old lab mix, she is now one week away from being 4 months old. I feel she is doing pretty good on all training except house training. We redirect with chewing and that seems to be pretty good, she is great with the crate (has never had an accident in the crate at night or when she is in during the day) and if she does cry or whine its always less than 5 minutes at the very most, she can sit and give paw and give high-5 and lay down, she is getting socialized with other pups and people and all that seems good too. BUT, and I could be just worried for nothing but I thought the house training would be the least of our problems. My husband is retired and home the entire day with her, she goes out first thing in the morning, after each meal, after she drinks water, after she plays, anytime she asks at the door, anytime we think she is sniffing around, last thing at night (so honestly she is outside probably 10-12 times a day or more and goes every time). She has only had one pooping accident in the house and that was the very first day we had her so she has a pass on that one. So there is the peeing, the first 3 weeks she had one accident per week in the house and honestly I felt like they were all my fault for not watching close enough but now this week so far I have caught her 4 times in the last 5 days just randomly squatting in the house. We always clean up very thoroughly and use the spray so she does not pee in that same place again, and she doesn't, all 4 times were different areas in the house and its not like she is out of our sight when this happens but she will be right there by us playing or chewing on a bone and just gets up and squats. We have caught her every time and grab her and run like crazy for the door. We always praise her and make a big deal out of going outside. I guess I just need re-assurance that we are doing the right things and that we just need to keep plugging away and this to shall pass (and not literally on my carpet)!!! Thank you for any advise.

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    Congratulation for your married life and one new partner in your life. Hope you love her a lot and trained very well.

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