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    Hi. Im from Australia and own a male yellow Lab called Reuben. He is a British type Lab with a very thick show coat and solidly built. Unfortunately , his show career came to an end when he was diagnosed with FCP. He was operated on but it was not successful. He is only 18 mths old now but doing ok. I manage his elbows with supplements, weight control and monitored exercise. He is a beautiful boy, such a shame as the last thing he won was BEST IN GROUP .
    I was previously a Doberman lady but lost 2 dogs from heart disease so thought I would avoid heartbreak and try a different breed. Ironically, I now have been introduced to Elbow Dysplasia. Im thinking now, that I meant to have these problems so I can give these dogs a good life. My breeder was very supportive and gave me many options. I chose the op with the chance it would work.

    He is a very intelligent dog and my plan later on is to have him trained for a mental health therapy dog. I am a MH nurse and can see a real need for these dogs. He is also a very very bad shedder lolll. I am able to mulch my pot plants with his soft fur and now am thinking maybe I could learn felting. I leave his hair out also for the bird nests. Mud drawers him like a magnet and once he ate a rotten rabbit that had been runover by a mower, in a paddock.

    While I was overseas recently and I sent to him a boarding training centre. They got rid of a few habits that were annoying. He never jumped up on the family, but he would with other people. Thats gone. He also would grab his lead and try to lead me on a walk. That was cute at first, then became annoying. Doesnt do it now.Money worth spent.
    He walks well on the lead, sits when I stop, stays and comes and sits in front. He once got a waterhen and held it in his mouth, but dropped it when commanded, which was a good thing.

    Looking forward to posting

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    Also I am finding I cant post anything on the general forum. Not sure what the problem is

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