Choosing the right Puppy - please help!
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Thread: Choosing the right Puppy - please help!

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    DefaultChoosing the right Puppy - please help!

    Hi all. I've been looking for a fox red Labrador puppy for a while now and spotted the most lovely puppies for sale nearby. I was a bit 'late to the party' as when I called the breeder there was only one girl and one boy for sale. I am after a girl.

    I viewed them today and they all have a lovely temperament. However, the girl in question was the only slightly reserved and timid one. Maybe aloof?! We proceeded to play with them for the next 20 mins whilst asking the breeder the necessary questions. The girl in question (yet to be named)! was still very nice, but didn't pay as much attention to me as the other dogs. Nor to the other dogs, she obviously rated her own company! She was still perfectly happy to be picked up and stroked though so didn't seem nervous, just slightly confidently timid/shy (if there is such a thing)?! She was also very happy chewing on a bit of twig even with no one/ no other puppies around. So the question is, will she suit my home?

    As background I'm after a loving, loyal, not too excitable dog which will get on with our other 5 year old rescue dog. I am also very active so she would be on her feet much of her life (if she chooses to be)! What is the likely outcome of the above, if we are to choose her? Should I be worried that she's the quiet one of the litter?

    Many thanks for any advice in advance.

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    Try Keepsake Labradors. I know someone who got a fox red lab from them, and we contacted them back when we were looking. They seem good, but you would probably have to buy sight unseen unless you fly out there.

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