I have 1 year old black Labrador. He is my fur baby. He has always been a very vocal dog. He barks when he wants a treat. He barks when he can’t get to me. He barks when he wants me to throw the ball again. He barks when a different dog has the ball he wants. And he barks and barks until I help him get what he wants. He gets plenty of exercise. I work on a farm and he come with me for 6-8 hours a day and then we usually go on a mile walk at night or in the morning. His barking isn’t an issue when we’re at home but when we’re at work it’s becoming a problem. Other co workers are getting fed up with his barking. I postive reinforcement train so I don’t punish him for barking. I try to distract him or I give in and give him what he wants. Some of my co workers yell at him or expect me to yell at him for his barking but yelling never seems to make him listen. How can I help him learn quite when he really wants something? Any advice is appreciated!!