Hi I am new to this forum and was wondering whether you could help me with training? I have a 8 month old fox red lab. He is a delight most of the time. He behaves very well for my partner and also for me if my partner is home.
As soon as my partner goes out my lab plays up. He will grab anything he can, mats, paper, anything he can reach. I tell him no and he jumps up me trying to bite my arms. Yesterday he bit my tummy.
It isn’t mega hard but that isn’t the point. As soon as my partner comes home my lab changes and sleeps and behaves very well. It’s like he is another dog.
Any pointers on how I can train my puppy to learn this is wrong and to start listening to me? As my partner has a 7 year old and I am worried about being left alone with him and the puppy in case he misbehaves.

My lab will sit for his treats and behave well where food is involved. He will sit and wait for his food without moving until I say go. And also his recall is very good if I go out just the two of us. It’s when we are at home alone he becomes naughty.

Thanks in advance for your help 😊