My 14 yo yellow, Sydney
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Thread: My 14 yo yellow, Sydney

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    DefaultMy 14 yo yellow, Sydney

    So, my best buddy is 14 years old. She is still a happy dog. Still smiles at me and does her best to follow me around the house. But her back legs aren't working well anymore. I have to help her get up the 2 simple stairs into the house after she goes outside. Often times while urinating outside, she can barely get up. Also, standing up from a lying down position inside the house is very difficult for her. incontinence is an issue too. She sleeps most of the day and night, and usually wakes up with urine soaking the backs of her legs. I have her on Proin, which helps a bit, but not enough.

    I'm obviously at a crossroads of what to do. The thing is, I've never heard her cry or whimper. Does that mean she isn't in pain? If I heard her crying, I would be ready to send her on to the next world. But I can't tell.

    Anyone else have experience with this? She's still happy, but could be in pain. Argghhh....I wish she could talk to me.


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    Hello Erik. nice to meet you. Feel very sad about your dog situation.

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    I'm sorry Erik. 14 years is a wonderful long life for a lab. You will know when it's time. Prayers to you and Sydney.

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