Hello Lab Lovers, its me Mark owner of a yellow lab named Charlie !
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Thread: Hello Lab Lovers, its me Mark owner of a yellow lab named Charlie !

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    Red faceHello Lab Lovers, its me Mark owner of a yellow lab named Charlie !

    Hello Friends and all Lab Lovers,

    My name is Mark the owner of a crazy fun yellow lab named Charlie. My wife and I have had him since he was about 4 weeks old and he has lived a very spoiled life up to now as a 14+ year old lab.
    We love him dearly and he is our first kid (both human and animal). Guess that's why he is so spoiled but we wouldn't want it any other way, after all we picked him. Charlie has been a very special dog since ever he entered our lives. My wife who was scared of dogs......long story short, lets just say Charlie helped her fall in love with him and overcome that childhood fear of dogs. That's also true about other family and friends that had the same fears as my wife. Charlie won them all over !!!! He is a very loving and caring dog that's great with babies and all age groups. Honestly he knows no strangers, everyone is a friend to him. We have had tons of adventures with him in these past 14+ years and we want the world to see how amazing he and his breed is. Labs are the greatest dogs ever and they show that in everything they do in life. My wife Kelly calls Charlie the "Christmas dog" and I have to agree.

    We currently have him in a pet photo contest at Baxterboo.com, and would love it if our senior pet was to win. Our 5 year old niece Sabrina is soooo in love with Charlie and this was her idea to enter his photo. She has been talking about it to everyone she meets both at school and just about anywhere out with her parents and us. She tells everyone to go vote for her puppy love Charlie and its free. So as her favorite uncle I'm just spreading the word to help her out on getting votes and maybe Charlie could win and make her dreams come true ! My wife Kelly was saying if our senior guy Charlie wins we could use that as a teaching lesson for Sabrina and show her how to pay it forward, a great life lesson that all kids should learn at a young age. We will donate the reward along with more added to it by us as a family and have Sabrina give it or use it to buy items needed for the local animal shelter. This will teach her a life lesson of love and caring for all, just as our boy Charlie has displayed in all his years.

    So if any of you lab lovers are interested please log on and place your votes daily for Charlie the yellow lab (Sabrina's puppy love) !
    Thank you in advance for your time and love on this topic and although it might seem like something very small to adults, we were all told at one point in time that "Its the little things in life that matter most!"

    Mark D.

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    Hello Mark. Charlie sounds like a great one. I'll go check him out. Welcome to the forums.

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    Hey Mark, welcome here. share your yellow lab Charlie pictures with us.

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