Greetings from, Jessie & Gracie (UK)
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Thread: Greetings from, Jessie & Gracie (UK)

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    Just wanted to introduce my two labradors, Jessie and Gracie.

    They are 4 year old and come from the same litter so I guess you could say they are sisters!
    ( I went for one and ended up getting two!)

    Jessica is a lovely rounded golden Labrador, very friendly and typical with temperament of a lab ....but definitely bossy!
    Gracie is an adorable black labrador whose......erm...... the exact opposite, very quiet, very passive and well walks around like she has the weight of the world on her shoulders, hates loud noises! She has always been quirky from the being a pup if Im honest.

    But they are both so loveable and adorable in their own unique ways!

    I wish I had found this site a while ago.

    Warmest regards,

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