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    DefaultElderly Lab help needed

    Im new to the forum, so hello everyone out there that has a lab and knows they are truly the best dogs in the world.

    I urgently need some advice, I have a 12 year old Chocolate Lab called Dexter. For 12 years he has shared my bed but over the last 6 months as he has aged he now disturbs my sleep by moving positions throughout the night. I know its down to arthritis and him not being able to get comfortable but am at my wits end. At my partners house he sleeps on the sofa but in his own home he knows that the bed is our place. I have looked at bigger beds (I have a kingsize), beds with pull out beds underneath but none are suitable.

    Should I start to train him to sleep on my sofa upstairs (which he has done when my partner occasionally stays with me without issue). Upstairs he has more space, as he sleeps on the sofa during the day, to move around and change positions. The temperature is better as its warmer in the winter and cool in the summer. Also the sofa is not as high as the bed. He has never slept in a dog bed and he won't start now

    He shows no sign of anxiety, this is more about my anxiety

    Thanks, sleep deprived of London

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    Is the dog bed in your room? Maybe put it in your room so he is still in the same place as you?

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