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    Hello. I am new to the Lab Forum. I have a Black Lab named "Bob"! He is 3 years old. About the age of 2 he
    had his first seizure. I never knew Labs were one of the breeds that seizures are common.....although I don't believe common is the proper term. I have joined another group for dogs with seizures and to date have not read one post about a Lab with seizures. Anyone here have any experience or information regarding seizures and their Lab(s)? Just need some support and any other information on this topic.
    Thank you and I look forward to being a part of the group. I love my Lab, Deborah

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    It may be be something he's getting into... My Black Lab had a seizure i didn't think much of it she getting old, 11 years then my chocolate had one a few days later shes about 9.. i don't believe in consistence so i started researching it and things that would cause it. After some reading Mushrooms or plants I ruled out but dirty water!

    I have a small area of my yard the previous owner used to have a waterfall and a little rock garden and fills up with water its doesn't drain well so the water become stangnet and bacteria filled. i pumped it out and filled it in and they haven't has an issue since.

    A friend of mine has a golden retriever and was having seizures I told him my story and sure enough they found his favorite drinking spot on their property ..took care of it and again no issues since..

    good luck i hope your answer is as simple as this

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