I am new to the forum and wanted to get some advice for my 5 month old lab pup.

I need help trying to figure out how to firm my puppies stool. Heís t month and is continuously having runny and loose stools. On occasion he will have firm but itís rare. I have taken him to the vet and he is clear of any parasites and worms. He did have Giardia and has been treated for it.. They even put him on Flagyl as a precaution. I currently have him on Wellness chicken and brown rice adult large breed kibble and am adding some brown rice to bind it. I have tried giving him pumpkin but that doesnít help. He is eating about ĺ cup 3 times a day. He has no loss of appetite and is very active. I have tried switching his food as well but that didnít change his stools. I know this is not normal so am curious on what suggestions people may have. Getting worried as I donít want his digestive system to be compromised. I moved him to adult food per the directions of the breeder.