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    Hi Everyone!

    New to the forums. About a month ago we adopted an 8 week old Lab x Shep mix. Admittedly neither parents were purebread so we don't know. She looks like a black lab though. I'm new to labs and thought I would join the community for advice and to help with the joys of raising a lab puppy.

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    Hi, I am also new here, I rescued a lab cross 4 weeks ago , she has her problems but I got a dog trainer to visit me and to get some advice,but she adviced me { if I wanted to } get a D N A done, which I am going to in the New year, She is a non stop barker, and hates other dogs outside the house with a passion ! she is around 18 months and VERY strong .
    The trainer has been a Godsend by teaching me to walk her with a sliplead, which is very good, I have never had a lab /lab mix before so any advice would be good, Looking forward to getting to know you all and your pups xxx

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