My 3 year old Black Lab is having hind leg issues
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Thread: My 3 year old Black Lab is having hind leg issues

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    DefaultMy 3 year old Black Lab is having hind leg issues

    Good morning I am new to the site and am hoping for some advice or experience anyone has had with rear lameness with their lab. Luca started limping after our second walk of the day on July 1. After resting him for a week there seemed to be some improvement but he regressed and I brought him to see the Vet on July 12. We decide to X-ray him the next day to rule out and fractures and to check out his hips for any changes. Our Vet thought his left hip showed signs of arthritis so we started him on metacam orally on the 14 and by the afternoon he was experiencing bloody diahrea....we then tried deramaxx which seemed to make him very lethargic. In the mean time our Vet posted his X-rays on VIN a veterinarian forum and a radiologist out of Indianapolis said there was nothing wrong with his hips and that his pelvis had been tilted when the images were taken. So good news no arthritis....radiologist suggested a psoas major strain. So he was prescribed tramadol for pain and robaxin as a muscle relaxant and my physiotherapist has been using laser on him...but he actually seems to be getting worse to me. I am at a loss as to what I need to do next to help my poor Boy. Anyone have any experience with anything similar?

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    Check his spine!

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