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    DefaultGood afternoon

    Hello, first post here hows everyone doing?

    I have been looking to get a lab for years. Problem is these days there are so many dog breeders, that how do you know which ones are the honest ones. I would like to get a genuine pure bred Labrador Retriever.

    I was wondering if anyone knew of a reputable breeder in the Portland/Salem Oregon area? I'm looking for a black or chocolate male.

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    Hello! I know what you mean--I just got a yellow lab pup and I tried to do my research but I still feel a little nervous about the unknowns! I know that Log Home Labs is in the Albany Oregon area. They're new breeding to breeding labs, but have been involved with breeding for a few years. They have a litter with black males that are really cute and come from great lines, and they're connected with another local breeder whose sire they used and is also expecting a litter soon, from that breeder's other male.

    Best of luck with your puppy search!

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    That is my dilemma. I found one in Massachussets that breeds American and English labs. I put a deposit down and puppy is due next April 2018


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