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    I am a new member and have a 5 month old male chocolate lab named Silas. Silas seems a "normal" puppy, crazy, non stop energy, etc.
    He's doing pretty well without formal training...he will sit, lay down, come when called (even in distracting situations). We think the "come" is huge.
    Doing fairly well on a leash. Our biggest problem is with his counter surfing. He jumps up on all things, and pulls stuff off. He seems not to care that we tell him no, and this has continued on and on. We are trying positive reinforcement, but does'nt seem to work. Any suggestions? Its a dangerous habit for sure.

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    I have a 6 month old yellow lab (Nash) and he for the past month, he has had a counter surfing issue which has gotten better thank goodness. It is definitely a dangerous habit. For us, the only thing that worked was continuous reinforcement. Whenever he would be in the motion to jump up, we would say 'No." firmly. Eventually he understood, it takes patience and a few weeks of reinforcement. In the mean time we always made sure not to leave things on the counter that he can reach (especially utensils that can be harmful). Best of luck to you and keep us updated on your progress!



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