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    Hello all. I rescued a 9 month old lab mix. I've never had a lab before, so we're both learning. We've got sit, shake and no bite mastered. Stay and coming with called are being worked on. I am his 4th owner, so I have no idea what went on before. Jax is a big puppy, 60+ pounds (I'd love to know what he is mixed with) and he likes to ambush me while I'm sleeping. That's a nasty way to wake up! And ideas on how to curb this? I don't want to ban him from the bedroom, but I'm not sure what else to do. Thanks in advance.

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    He sounds like a huge cutie! We crate train at night, and find that they like having a den of sorts. It makes it easier when there are situations that they might have to be crated later (travel, house construction, service person, etc.) Maybe that would help? Good luck with him!

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