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    DefaultHello from Omaha!

    Hey everyone, I had created an account about 3 years ago when we 1st got our black lab pup but it seems I never actually posted on here, so here it goes! Looking forward to posting lots of pictures of our Sam! He was born on March 6th 2014 and we got him when he was approximately 8 weeks old. It was an emotional decision and we'd never actually raised a puppy before so it was a very steep learning curve, including many sleepless nights, scratched arms, tore up clothes, etc etc but it's all worth it!!! He's very smart and loves to bark at the tennis ball (demand barking) to have it thrown so he can retrieve it and do it all over again until he's totally exhausted! He's very spoiled but listens excellent for a goober treat! Here is a picture of him resting comfortably after lots of fun at the dog park:


    Thanks and looking forward to meeting everyone!

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