6 month old potty training issues!
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Thread: 6 month old potty training issues!

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    Question6 month old potty training issues!

    Hi, our puppy is 6 months old and usually does well with her potty training. She seems to be very well trained about 90% of the time, but occasionally she will have an accident out of nowhere. We have bells on the door and she usually rings them or waits for me to take her potty, but lately she has been peeing - and without warning! She hasn't been ringing her bells. Today I was petting her, and then she just started peeing. She didn't even hardly squat down - she just started going. I guess sometimes my husband and I wait a few minutes after she rings the bells to take her out - we probably should be better about this.
    She also has issues when we're at other peoples' houses. She has peed on the carpet every time I have been at my parents house. She does usually play more there, but I try and limit her water intake. This doesn't seem to help.

    I am thinking that my husband and I may need to re-enforce her routine? Have her ring the bells whenever we take her potty, say "go potty" when she does and give her praise and a treat. I still don't know what to do at others people houses though - we have brought her bells, but she doesn't quite connect that she needs to ring them in other places besides our home. She also loves to sniff when outside, and it takes her awhile to even go potty sometimes. Will she just grow out of this? She generally does GREAT otherwise....she is crate trained and hardly EVER has accidents in her crate or in the car. Any advice is appreciated!

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    You have facing very big problem, after 6 month training.

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