Hi All,

My husband and I have an orphan home in India. I have been without a dog since 2009 when my last rescue mixed breed dog passed from old age. I've really missed having a dog but have never owned a lab. We brought "Pepper" home this week. She's too young really to be separated from her litter (30 days old the day we brought her home) but her owner said that he was moving to Delhi and had to find homes the same day. Can't really trust anything here but still, we went to see her and she looked healthy and her personality is great. The owner was finding her a home that day whether it was us or someone else so we decided to take her.

She's doing so good and we really love her already. She's having no issues with eating puppy weaning food softened with milk and I'm taking her out consistently and she's only had 2 'accidents' in the house. She's doing all the normal puppy things but definitely much more chewing than any dog I've ever had. I had 3 good puppy toys for her to chew and have ordered a few more. I would say the chewing is the most difficult thing. I'm wondering how you get anything done with your pup in the house because she wants to chew literally everything she's not supposed to and I don't want her to get hurt.

I have a crate ordered for her. For now she's sleeping in a trunk without the lid beside my bed. She can't climb out yet but she's close!

I have some questions I want to ask the group. It's hard here in India because we don't have great vet care. We have vets but they don't answer questions and treat your pets as family like I'm used to in my home country (the US). I'm worried about heartworms and hope someone can tell me is this preventable with medications or a vaccine? I'm also worried she will chew something when I'm trying to get things done around the house and she might get hurt or choke. How do you guys handle this? Do you just keep your pup in the crate every moment that you can't have your eye on your puppy? Or do you create a room where there is nothing he/she can chew except her toys and put her there whenever you need to get something done?

We are loving her and so happy to have her. Just trying to work out some of the logistics since she's a much needier puppy than I've had in the past.