I just registered to be a part of your forum. I have a 2 year old baby boy, Minion, coupled with a human toddler...chaos:-). I frequently check the forums for questions I may have. I love how helpful you all are, so I decided to join and if I may, ask a question.

Minion is intact, and has never really been around female dogs. My mom will bring her female doxie here, rarely. She has been fixed.

He has recently taken to rooting and smelling my daughter (19 months). He will salivate (not like stringy drool, drops just fall from his mouth), and chatter his teeth. He knocks her down (or she slips in his drool). This is an all the time thing. He will then go lick himself and sort of hunch (?), while doing so.

Him being 2 (January birth) would fixing him help? It's starting to effect their companionship. She will push him away, when before she would be the one bugging him all day.

Thank you for reading!