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    i am getting a new lab puppy in two weeks, and i am wondering what the single best piece of advice you would give to a new lab puppy owner? i grew up with labs, but getting my own is a new experience, thanks!

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    Do not underestimate the amount of energy they have.

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    I would say start training as early as possible and get lots of stimulating toys if you are away during the day! Our twins have gotten into some serious trouble while we are away!

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    our new puppy came home 8 weeks ago. I had picked up a book by Pipa Matison (sp?) and started training right away. Every morning I worked with her about 30 / 45 minutes. Mixing training with lots of running and playing. She is an amazing 4 month old today. yes, she gets into things, but she follows her commands and can get out of trouble quickly. We tie train her 2 times a day and now she will sit quietly while I get coffee or we eat breakfast at a cafe. Crate train from the beginning, I got up every 2 hours for potty breaks and within a week she could go 6 hours, now pretty much the whole night. She is comfortable in her crate, but is also happy on her pad by my bed. Lots of energy, lots of play time and socialize!! socialize!! We took her out and about and did puppy time with other dogs. She is still a jumper/excited to meet you dog, so that is our next hurdle. We do not let her just wander around the house, she is supervised and that keeps her out of trouble... Good luck, my first dog as an adult too!

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