Hello and Help with walking on a leash
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Thread: Hello and Help with walking on a leash

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    DefaultHello and Help with walking on a leash

    Hello, I am happy to have found this lab forum. I have a 5 month old female black lab named Kelsey and I bought a walking harness for her that is called Walk Your Dog With Love. It has the ring in the front of her chest, which I have found successful to walk my other dogs without pulling but not her. She wants to pull and pull. I have stopped and walked backwards to get her attention but she does for a moment and then walks forward to pull again. Any suggestions??

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    Tugging and pulling is a very common lab trait. They just love to smell everything as fast as they can and you are holding them up.

    Walking about 10 minutes usually takes the edge off and they start to slow down just a bit.

    My working dog never completely got over this habit.
    Anybody who doesn't know what soap tastes like never washed a dog. ~Franklin P. Jones

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    I would keep doing what you are doing. Lots of treats when she walks nicely at a heal. It's important that you first work on making sure you have her attention. If the harness doesn't work, try a martingale collar. Also check your local shelters for behavior classes, they would help you tremendously.

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    many believe a harness encourages pulling (myself included), those that sell them want you to think otherwise.
    puppy classes with getting her to pay attention to you is your best plan.
    it does get better with age.

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