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    Red faceNew guy from South Africa

    Hello folks, my name is John and I am the proud companion of an almost 10 month old Chocolate Labrador named Shadow. He is the first Lab I have owned, having had Pembroke Corgis for the past 40 years. I did have a yellow Lab briefly who had hip displacement, to my sorrow he also had a bad heart and when the vet tried to correct the hip, his heart stopped. I was devastated and my family decided the only way to fix me was to get another puppy.

    Shadow is an absolute delight, he has been through Puppy training, Puppy Good Citizen and a few weeks ago he was certified Canine Good Citizen Bronze level.

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    Hi welcome to the forum. I am sorry about your previous Lab. Shadow is such an interesting name and sounds like he's also an interesting companion. Glad that you joined the forum. Lots to share and learn.

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    Thank you. Yesterday Shadow discovered the joy of jumping into the pool to retrieve his favorite ball. What fun we had.

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    Shadow sounds very talented. You sound like a good team.

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