Hi there,I have just registered into the group. I have an 8 week old Black Lab named Ziggy. He is an awesome little pup, but I really think i need help with training him.
We have had him for almost 2 weeks and he has been great with toilet training and sleeping. I can now see that he loves our company and gets excited at the wrong times.....like after his first sleep before he wakes to need the toilet. The last few nights I have taken him out to his toilet area and have only said our toilet word, pick him up and take him bad to his bed....but he has been playing instead of sleeping. last night he started to cry even in my lap.
Hi normal sleeping arrangement is next to our bed on his pillow on the floor. He started off great but now he is wanting to jump onto our bed and couch. (My partner started a few times putting him up on our bed and couch so now Im trying to train him out of it.)
Can anyone offer any help? I got no sleep last night at all as I know something was troubling him more than usual.