What is on her eye?
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Thread: What is on her eye?

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    DefaultWhat is on her eye?

    So,literally out of nowhere, we noticed this black growth near her eyelid. It seems to have popped up overnight. Im not sure if it is growing in size or not, i feel like it might be but maybe not!?!? Anyways.. we did ask our vet and she said it is a cyst and can only be removed if we knock her out. But she claimed it to be a cyst very fast,without much thought so idk.I'm a little skeptical i guess or just worried. W had to take her to the vet for seriously inflamed and infected eardrums in both ears :/ she also ate some fish attractant and we think it caused her to have a huge allergic skin reaction . That luckily, has gone away on its own. Needless to say...it has been a hectic past month!
    Any help on what could be on her eye would be appreciated. Attached is a photo. Thanks!
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    Sometimes they just get bumps. I would have the vet look at it, but the next time you have to go in for something else. I wouldn't make a separate trip.

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