My name is Ken. My wife and 2 sons (11 and 9) are ready for a new addition to our family. We are looking for a male chocolate lab puppy with the English bloodlines. We have been researching chocolate labs and those that provide them for the last 3 months. I joined the forum so that I could find a breeder that truly cares about the Labrador. We live in the Orlando, Florida area and hope to find our puppy in the Florida area but we would travel anywhere to get the right one. I've seen that most breeders ship their puppies but we would prefer to meet him first and bring him home personally. We are not looking to show or compete in any way. We only want him to be a happy and healthy member of the family. Most of that depends on us of course but we want to ensure he has a good start.

I have found many breeders throughout Florida and the rest of the States. I'm hoping that through this forum we will be able to zero in on ones that will ultimately help us find the right puppy. I have done a brief search on the forum and have found a few discussions about breeders in Florida and already have some good leads to research. I invite you to chime in and give me your thoughts on dependable breeders in Florida, or anywhere for that matter.

I am curious about something that I would like to hear from some of you on. Its the cost of puppies. I have seen the prices range from $350 to $2200. I have learned a lot about various red flags to look for with breeders. Is pricing something to be aware of? Is it to be interpreted as how much a particular breeder invests into the breed itself and into ensuring their puppies end up in good home? Or is there something else that can be taken away from the range of prices?

Thank you for allowing be to be part of your forum and I look forward to sharing lab stories with you, soon.