Hi Everyone,
I'm new to this site. Not sure of protocol but I guess an intro of why I joined this forum will be good. I have 2 labs. One is a silver lab 1 yr 7 mos named Grayson weighs 81lbs, the other is a black lab/sheppard mix he's 9 months and weighs 77lbs. His name is Diesel. He's a tall boy, already passed Grayson. They are full of energy especially Grayson. Grayson is a licker, I've learned to just accept it eventhough I don't like it. We call him the drive by licker, he will walk by us and just stick his tongue out and lick whatever body part he can reach.

My reason for joining is because I'm worried about them. We live in Texas and it's been a week now that they won't eat breakfast and will nibble on their dinner. Diesel has always swallowed his food and seems like is always hungry, sometimes stealing some of Grayson's food. Diesel too has stopped eating. We feed them and they won't touch their food, they eventually eat it after an hour or so. Should I be concerned? What causes their appetite to diminish? I remember Grayson not being a food enthusiast after being 10 mos or so. Do their metabolism slow down as they grow older? Besides the eating issue they look healthy and act normal for the most part. They are out of their crate alot more since my niece is over for the summer so maybe they are not used to so much physical activity and are tired? Just my thought any advice is welcomed.
Thank you,