I always seem to have lab hair in my coffee!
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Thread: I always seem to have lab hair in my coffee!

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    DefaultI always seem to have lab hair in my coffee!


    I'm joining this forum because most of my friends don't really seem to understand my obsession with dogs--or labs in general. Mostly I think this place will be a great area to bounce ideas off of fellow lab hair lovers! Lab's have been a large part of my life, my best friend died last October, not only did I miss seeing her for a week, I missed seeing her for a weekend I could have been home because I was dog sitting my friends dog. I never got to say good bye. She was somehow poisoned, no one is quite sure, the emergency vet is an hour away and she never made it. Her companion Abbie is a healthy-active trouble making velcoraptor of a lab that enjoys laying on my bed, ear scratches, and retrieving sticks in icy water. Abbie is now joined by the family poodle Rowdy who is a boisterous 6 months old who enjoys chewing on Abbie's ears, legs, tail, face, and laying on top of Abbie. The poor old lab has the patience of a saint. Hopefully in July I will be getting my very own yellow lab if there is a female puppy in the litter that should be hitting the ground soon! I'm super excited and I can't stop talking about it!

    Roxanne my most loyal and best friend in the entire world.


    Roxy and Abbie found a big stick, very unsure how to get it out of the water....


    Abbie is probably the coolest hipster lab on the block though...


    Rowdy the poodle who makes the face when she wakes up next to me every morning when I visit home.


    Hopefully soon you'll be seeing thousand of little puppy pictures of my soon to be lab puppy! I hope you enjoyed pictures of my sweet little girl, and the current dogs that bless my life

    -Sweet Earl Grey

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    Just in your coffee?

    I have it everywhere!

    And it's black.
    Labradorious Omnivorious:


    Meat, Fruit, Vegetables, Bread, Plastic. Paper Products, Pine Cones, Print Servers, Feces, Wood Products, Rubber, Cotton, DVDs.

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