I am a lab lover and currently am the owner of a 3 and a half year old yellow lab, named Buster. Buster's Mum was chocolate and his Dad was black. He has a chocolate stripe above his nose, which is rather unusual, but makes him unique. Have others seen this in a yellow lab? He also has quite a pronounced wavy patch on his back, which has become stronger as he has got older. Buster is my second pure bred led, and before that we had a lab/golden retriever cross. I believe they can't be beaten in terms of temperament, although he is full on. He loves to chew anything that is made of fabric, and as a result I have to be extra careful not to leave anything lying around that he may chew and swallow. At 18 months he had major surgery to remove parts of a towel he had managed to swallow. A couple of months ago he threw up a pair of panties which I have no idea how he managed to grab. It really is like having a child, whom we have to watch all the time, but we love him all the same. Looking forward to searching through the posts on here