Hey everyone, meet Duke!
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Thread: Hey everyone, meet Duke!

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    DefaultHey everyone, meet Duke!

    Hey everyone, my name is Seth and I'm the proud new father of an 11.5 week old chocolate lab named Duke! He's been at home for exactly a week today and I'm very excited to grow with him! The only slight worry that I have is he seems to be sort of aloof. He still hasn't picked up on his name yet, but I understand that he's only been home for a week and he's probably still adjusting to the new setting. He doesn't seem to want much attention at all, he doesn't want to play too often, and he shows very little to no emotion whatsoever. The only time he shows even the slightest bit of affection is when it's time to lie down at night, he loves to sleep at my feet. Anyways, I have attached a few pictures of the little guy below! I hope you all have a great day.
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