New to the breed, say Hi to Daisy!
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Thread: New to the breed, say Hi to Daisy!

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    DefaultNew to the breed, say Hi to Daisy!

    Hello everyone,

    Let me start off by saying I lost my Siberian Husky (his name was Suka) on Christmas of last year after a long fight with bone cancer, it broke my heart. This is Suka:


    Recently we, as a family, decided the time was right for another dog. So we went to the shelter and we fell in love with a black lab mix and adopted her.

    She's a 1 year old black lab mix, named Daisy. She'll be spayed, given all of her shots and microchipped, before she's released to us in about a week, they said. Here are some pictures, she has a white marking on her chest:



    At the shelter they described her as 'excitable' and is 'bouncy' I noticed she likes to jump up on people as well. She was found as a stray, but before she was taken in to the shelter she was given a name (she responds to it, knows the sit and come here command, and might be housetrained)

    BUT: Now that our yard has been approved and its going forward, I'm getting cold feet. We've never owned a dog this young before (Suka, our Siberian Husky, was 4 years old when we adopted him...and he was a calm dog, not excitable or bouncy like Daisy is).

    I'll just cut to the chase. I'm headed off to my last year of university in September, so my Dad would like for me to do the following with her before then (as he has no confidence in his ability to train the dog (he also has heart and other health problems), and my Mom has a mental disorder so she is unable to train Daisy):

    - Clicker train her (if necessary)
    - Housetrain her (if necessary) : how does one go about housetraining a young adult dog?
    - Stop her from jumping up on people
    - Crate train her
    - If she is excitable enough that she runs in the house (she ran around like crazy in the outdoor dog pen), how stop that behaviour so she only runs around outside (trotting is okay, as long as she doesn't knock things over)
    - Train her to play fetch
    - Train her to accept/tolerate car rides (either driving for long distances, or waiting in the car for longer periods of time...obviously making sure it is safe for her to do so. (if necessary)
    - Train her to walk well on a leash (heeling, no pulling)
    - The family likes to sit down and relax in the evenings, usually watching TV. How can I encourage her to relax in the evenings as well?

    Is it possible to have all (or most) of the above trained within 3.5 months before I go back to school? My school is 6 hours away, so its not like I can pop in every now and then.

    Also, I need more general information on what we can expect from her. How much exercise would she need in a day? What breed do you think she is mixed with?

    Would a 30 minute (at least) walk per day (+ 15-30 minutes of fetch) be enough? She would have a pretty big fenced yard to run around in (I don't have the exact dimensions, but the backyard is atleast 80ft by 60ft), would she run around by herself to burn her energy or does she need a person?

    I've heard a lot about clicker training, and I'm interested. The only problem is that I know my Mom and Dad will probably not even touch the clicker when I leave for school, so if I use a clicker to train her (which I heard is the easiest method to catch good behaviours) and if that clicker training stops...what happens? Will she regress in her training? Is it possible to have a hybridized system, where I use the clicker and they say: "Good girl!", or would that confuse the dog?

    I also heard that since she's a year old (maybe less, they can be inaccurate there at the shelter), she's in a fear period and she'll need to be socialized. Tips? Tricks? Things to do and avoid?

    Also, if her age is 1 year old (or maybe a little less by a few months), would she have gone through her first heat? I know if you spay your female before their first heat, they develop problems later in life.

    And, also, are we in way over our heads?

    Honest answers are appreciated.

    Thank you.

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    I can't figure out how to edit the first post, so I apologize for the double post here.

    I made a bit of a mistake, my Mom can commit to 1 hour of walking a day (+30 or so minutes of fetch), would that be enough exercise? I've been hearing mixed advice from websites, I guess it depends on the individual?

    And that 'list of things to train for' I made is ideal, we understand that some of it may not be possible to do in such a short timespan. The main priorities are housetraining (if she needs any), crate training (if she needs any), training her to play fetch, and just general obedience (not jumping up on people, etc)

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    First, I am sorry for the loss of your husky. I have one husky and two labs, and they are like night and day in temperament and personality.

    In all honesty, I think you should wait until you are finished with college before getting another dog. 90% of behavior issues with dogs is actually the person inadvertently allowing the behavior, so even if you are able to train her to stop those behaviors in that short amount of time, she could very likely start up again with your parents when you're not around for extended periods of time to correct her.
    She looks like a very sweet dog (and possibly purebred).

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