A hello from the... part-lab parts?
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Thread: A hello from the... part-lab parts?

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    DefaultA hello from the... part-lab parts?

    Hey, guys! Are labbish dogs welcome here?

    About three months ago, we adopted a lovely creature called Jellybean. She was pronounced food-aggressive, dog-aggressive, and squeaky-toy-afraid by the volunteers at the local kennel, and hubby literally had to talk me into her, despite being anti-dog for 8 years. She was listed as a lab-GSD mix, but she had none of the issues inspired by the kennel. We did get her Wisdom Panel (DNA) tested, and she came across as 75% lab. (And 100% awesome.) She does have an emotional affair with the tennis ball, only ever barks when she sees people near our yard, plays great with others at the local dog park, and is the ultimate Velcro dog.

    She does have a rottweiler/GSD coloring, and there's been a few pedestrians that did shy away from her on her regular walks.

    That said-- I've lurked on this forum for a while, and read up on a lot of good advice here. So... hi. :-) From moi, and Miss Poopy-paws.
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    Congrats and thank you for choosing to adopt I believe any dog with lab is welcome! Maybe the kennel got her info mixed up with another dog or misdiagnosed her. They told me Sassy was timid and not good with other dogs but when I took her home she was completely the opposite, perhaps it was just when they evaluated her she was really scared? Dunno, but I don't regret adopting her regardless of what they said!

    Best wishes

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