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    QuestionFirst Time Puppy Owner

    Hi everyone,

    We've just gotten our first pet! We're all very excited about it. We've gotten an pure bred golden labrador called Tyson, who is a very active and playful barrel of fun. When we first got Tyson, we didn't anticipate half the responsibilities that would accompany him, such as the many midnight toilet times or the struggles of keeping him entertained. Some things about our situation with Tyson:
    - Tyson is 8 weeks old
    - we both go to work full time and my two chilren (16 and 10) go to school
    - Tyson has to stay outside (fully fenced and safe from any toxic plants) during the time that we are not at home; i.e. as soon as my child gets home he will be let inside after a great play session
    - Tyson's place outside is in our laundary which has his bed, toys, blankets and a curtain to keep the elements outside. The laundary is located within a fully covered area (very large) that leads to a larger grass section and a paved section.
    - He is fed in the morning before work and at night before we have dinner.
    - He has constant access to fresh water which is changed twice a day.
    - He enjoys being outside more than inside (he didn't even make a noise when we set him outside alone to get him used to being on his own for when we are not at home)

    Okay, so that was a lot but we're first timers and we don't know anything. He's had his first vaccination and is still pending two more (we're in Australia). I just wanted some general advice on how to raise a puppy well and mainly HOW TO KEEP HIM ENTERTAINED! It seems like whenever we're gone he plays for a bit and then just lays down and snoozes. Is that normal? Should he be sleeping that much? Are we doing something wrong? We all feel very guilty about leaving him alone and are willing to do anything to keep my busy and happy during the day. If you have any ideas, please let me know!

    Thank you!

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    Everything seems like he's having a great start! He's only 8 weeks old so its completely normal for him to nap a lot up to about 12 weeks or so even. When I was younger I had a dog that slept almost 15-18 hours a day when she was a pup, it's good for them. I'd expect he is teething or will be teething soon so you'll have to have a great variety of toys for him to chew on. Sassy's favorite is the kong and a regular tennis balls--she can fit 2, 3 if she could lol. We like to put peanut butter or yogurt in there and freeze the kong for a treat. Keeps her really busy and chewing for awhile. He might be mouthing soon too so you'll have to start his obedience training and have him learn commands or even tricks--this will definitely keep him mentally stimulated. Socializing him with other kids and animals at this age is a good idea too (once he's had all his necessary shots) I don't really take Sassy to the dog park unless there's few people, just because I don't trust some owners with their dogs. Good luck hope some of these tips help! Makes me miss having a puppy around

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    Seems like you are doing really great for a start. I hope you get him enough toys to keep him busy. You don't want him whining every time he sees you leaving. In future, you could also create it's own agility course. Sammy is two and enjoys it a lot. I hope there is still someone who checks up on him while you are away,even for a few times.

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