Juliet the parvo-survivor & Meesha the pretty
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Thread: Juliet the parvo-survivor & Meesha the pretty

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    DefaultJuliet the parvo-survivor & Meesha the pretty

    Good day everyone..

    Iam glad being on board with u all here to share experience and info about labs..

    We have Cheetos a golden retriever who is 2.6 yrs now, and three weeks ago we were so excited to bring Meesha home.. a beautiful 40 days Lab female puppy.. we were so happy with the new family member and the super funny and lovely experience..

    One week after this.. I had a phone call from my friend who owns the mother of Meesh, telling me that he had a puppy who was losing weight, rejecting food, and looking v unhappy and sick.. I had to drive to his house to help.. I took him with the poor puppy to the vet, who confirmed it is parvo!!!

    I already had alot of info about parvo but didnt come across any living case of it.. the vet told us everything about the case, and insisted she needs a real intense hard work..

    At this point my friend told me I have to take her with me to me house as he doesnt have the time or the ability to take care of her.. I couldnt do nothing but taking her..
    Bought the medicines, went back home, started the serious work..

    You wouldnt imagine the hours I spent in tears for her.. she was too weak.. too sleepy.. no food.. dehydrated.. yet she was the icon of beauty and love to me..

    To sum up.. now she is a week after defeating parvo the most beautiful 57 days old "Juliet".. and I decided I will never give her away.. I would take the responsibility and raise the same litter two sibling sisters Meesha and Juliet besides my piece of heart the golden Cheetos..

    Now after this long intro guys.. if anyone can help me with any info about raising sibling pups of the same litter I would b very grateful..
    Wish me luck plz

    Thanks alot guys

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    It seems like you're already aware that raising siblings has it's own special challenges. Acknowledging that and reaching out for help is a good first step.
    In addition to dealing with twice the work with housebreaking, teething, etc., you will need to put a lot of effort in to training with them and taking them places, socializing, etc. separately. Otherwise they could get too attached to each other to the point where they don't bond with humans.

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