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    I am new to the forum and the proud new owner of a chocolate lab pup. I didn't get her from a breeder so i was wondering what everyone thought on whether she looks full lab or not. She is a little small for a lab. About 12 lbs at 11 weeks. Thanks!
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    Did you get the pup from a shelter? At this age, it's hard to tell, but the dog could be a lab.

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    Hi I did not get her from a shelter. A family had 2 labs that made babies so they were selling the dogs for cheap to good families. I didn't think to ask for pics of the parents because i was so happy they had a chocolate colored one and they told me the parents were full labs. I tried calling back the number a few weeks after getting her to see if they can answer more questions I had but the number was disconnected. It sounds sketchy but so far she is a really healthy dog, just small for what a lab average is. I took her to the vet and the best guess he gave was she is a lab. I was just wondering your thoughts. Thanks.

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